Welcome To Fredrock's Nightmare

Hi, my name is Rick Brandt and I live in Winchester, Kentucky. I live with my wonderful and beautiful wife Melissa and our 4 crazy but cute cats. I also have two fantastic step-daughters over in Lexington Ky. who have 3 beautiful children all boys..
We have lived in Winchester for 6 months and find the area to have friendly people and a decent cost of living.
Currently I am unemployed and disabled as I have severe Osteoarthritis and a couple of new hips (not very fun). I am activley involved in Cooking, Reading, Wargaming, Listening to Music, and most Sports (watching not playing).


My favorite passion is to cook, and as I have no specility, I will cook almost anything. See the link to my Cooking Blog (Under Construction) above for the latest receipes, etc.

War gaming has been a passion of mine since I was 8 years old. My Dad who was in the Army Air Force, served in WWII and got me interested in airplanes at an early age. From there it was a small leap to find out all I could about WWII. I have a complete section devoted to wargaming. (see link above)

So what type of music do I listen to. Well I would say my taste is a little diversified. I enjoy all Rock n Roll, Classical, Country, Blues, Jazz, and the standards. Also some Big Band, and Metal. My Favorite Bands are 'The Who' and 'The Marshall Tucker Band'.